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Bonnier Group

Bonnier Group

Bonnier Group, a media conglomerate with 160 brands in 14 countries, wanted to unify its publications in Norway onto a single content management system. Images were a challenge, as these publications covered diverse subjects and had different photography standards. imgix gave Bonnier’s developers the flexibility to build powerful features like an integrated cropping tool that saves time and effort for its content teams.

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The Guardian serves up breaking news internationally with a strong focus on photography and responsive design for all devices.

The Dallas Morning News demonstrates how to deliver global, national, and local news with compelling design and photography.

As a media site that’s redefining what "women's interest" looks like, Bustle keeps its articles sharp and engaging with great photography.

Focused on inspiring creativity and a DIY ethic, Brit + Co showcases classes, projects, news, and fashion.

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