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Image Management

Turn your cloud storage bucket into a sophisticated platform where you can search, sort, and edit information about your images. Now in Beta.

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Machine Learning-Powered Auto Tagging

We use machine learning to automatically identify what’s in your images—no manual intervention required. Use these tags to find specific images or as a starting point to explore your image library.

  • Sophisticated machine learning identifies specific places, people, animals, foods, and more

  • Get content warnings for potentially adult, violent, or otherwise inappropriate content you might not want on your site

  • Auto tagging helps you make sense of user-generated images, which are often uploaded with no additional context

Robust, Visual Search and Browse

​​Finally see exactly what’s in your cloud storage instead of scrolling through endless text links. Browse and search to find the perfect image to accompany an article, or just explore the latest uploads.

  • Browse all of your images in a beautiful, easy-to-use interface

  • Intuitive searching enables you to find images by filename or image content

  • Easily filter by color, file type, content warnings, and more to zero in on the exact image you need

Customizable Fields For Organization

We know every organization has unique needs, which is why we offer several different customization options that allow you to organize your images to your heart’s content.

  • Add new categories to group images together, by campaign, content, or channel

  • Custom fields allow you to add any metadata you wish, such as a user ID or a product SKU

  • Easily remove any auto tags you don’t agree with—the Image Manager learns as you provide feedback

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