Introducing Asset Embedding: Deliver Images and Videos Easily on Third-Party Platforms

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Leigh Ann Ledford
August 30, 2022
3 minute read

Alignment between teams is a huge challenge for many businesses, especially when it comes to asset management and visual media optimization. Content managers, who strive for better asset management, and web developers, who strive for better visual media delivery, live in silos despite their best intentions. As a result, many websites struggle to meet the goals of both teams, resulting in poor web performance and slow content cycles.

But what if this didn’t have to be the case?

This is why we are excited to announce the Asset Embedding feature, now available in the Asset Manager.

Asset Embedding to the Rescue

So, how does Asset Embedding work?

After a one-time setup, any user can use these services without any code. With Asset Embedding, your website can automate a number of image and video operations for better page speed, Core Web Vitals, and user experience:

Now your content managers (or anyone on your team) can update pages with optimized visual assets without relying on your web developers, who can then save time, and prioritize other needs.

How to Get Started

If you’re already an imgix customer, this feature is available in your UI today. Check out our video tutorial at the beginning of the article to follow along.

If you don’t have an imgix account today, you can easily get started: