Announcing the imgix App on Contentful

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Leigh Ann Ledford
October 20, 2021
3 minute read
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Updated December 13, 2021: The imgix app on Contentful now includes search.

We are excited to announce our partnership with Contentful and to introduce the imgix App on Contentful. The new app allows content creators to serach, browse, and select images in the content development process. The integration also enables developers to optimize and transform selected images using our intuitive URL-based API.

Contentful is a content management system with “an API at its core”. It allows creators to organize and structure content how they want, by building custom content models instead of dealing with rigid templates. By leveraging their APIs and SDKs, Contentful delivers the content so that developers can flexibly design around it — regardless of their tech stack. Contentful has seen considerable growth as of late, as users have been drawn to its developer-friendly tooling.

Several imgix customers have been requesting a way to use imgix within Contentful’s platform to:

  1. Allow authors to designate images for their content without leaving Contentful
  2. Empower developers down the line to dynamically adjust, compress, and customize images using imgix’s Rendering API

How the imgix Contentful app works

The imgix app is built on top of our public Management API to help users interface with some of the same features that they might expect when using Image Manager. In its current state, users can select a source from their imgix account, then browse and select an image from their source to add to their content model.

1. Configuration: Upon installation, users will configure their app using an API key generated via the imgix Dashboard. This key will require permissions for Sources and Image Manager Browse.

2. Add imgix to your content model: Of the many content types that users can choose from, imgix specifically integrates with the JSON object content type. This will allow us to eventually deliver information about the selected image to the developer (e.g. src). Users can designate a field to use imgix by navigating to that field’s Appearance tab and selecting the app.

3. Search, browse, and select an image: From any instance of a field using the imgix app, users can open a modal to search and browse their images. From here, they can select an image to add, replace an image, or clear a selection from the field.

Join us at the Contentful Fast Forward Conference

We'll be sponsoring the upcoming Contentful Fast Forward virtual conference (November 3-5). This conference is free to attend. Visit our booth to learn more about the imgix App on Contentful, see how image optimization can help your web performance/Core Web Vitals, and talk to us about your web development needs!