imgix + Google Cloud Storage™ = More Source Options

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Team imgix
October 18, 2017
3 minute read
imgix + Google Cloud Storage

One of imgix’s core values is giving our customers flexibility in their image storage. We believe you shouldn’t have to move your images onto another storage system to take advantage of our imaging infrastructure, which is why we offer multiple ways to connect to them where they already live.

Our existing Amazon S3, Web Folder, and Web Proxy solutions cover a wide swath of our customers’ needs, and we’ve now added support for the Google Cloud Storage™ service as well, a much-requested option.

Setting up a Source with Google Cloud Storage works similarly to Amazon S3; simply generate your access key and secret key on the Google side, then plug in those values, the bucket name, and an optional prefix to set up the Source and start serving images. And because you’re providing your credentials, you won’t need to make the images public.

Screenshot-Google Cloud Storage source setup

For more detailed setup instructions, see the Google Cloud Storage Setup Guide or watch the video below.