HTTP/2 Support Now Live!

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Carol Gunby
January 30, 2017
3 minute read
HTTP/2 Support Now Live

HTTP/2 is a big leap forward for websites and web apps. It improves performance by making resource requests more efficient, which means that your pages should load much faster—with a particular boost for image-heavy sites.

imgix is always working to squeeze the most performance out of your images, so we’re pleased to announce that we now offer HTTP/2 free of charge to all accounts.

What You Should Know

  • HTTP/2 is on automatically for all accounts, and will be the default connection method over secure (HTTPS) connections. You don’t need to change your account or Sources to use it and there is no additional cost.
  • HTTP/2 fixes many of the shortcomings found in HTTP/1.1, so you no longer need to use workarounds such as Source sharding or image sprites to get maximum performance. If you’re using these techniques, you should consider discontinuing them. They can sometimes hurt performance under HTTP/2 due to differences in the way it requests resources like images.