Introducing the imgix Asset Manager Plugin for Figma

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Sam Burke
November 15, 2022
3 minute read
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Today, we are launching the imgix Asset Manager plugin for Figma so that you can easily build shared asset libraries across your team, search for and place existing image assets into your Figma designs, upload new high-resolution image assets, and export rasterized comps out of Figma that are immediately web-ready for sharing wherever they need to be shared. Try out the plugin today.

Whether you are designing for a large organization or working on a small personal project, keeping track of your high-resolution image assets can quickly become an afterthought when your focus has to be on hitting a deadline. These assets might be original stock photography that you have licensed, professionally shot photographs that your photographer has uploaded, or comprehensive output files from your design process. Most often, these files end up uploaded into one large shared cloud bucket with little attention paid to keeping things organized across projects, teams, and designs. In the common case, it takes forever to find what you are looking for and in the worst case, critical files can become lost forever in the noise.

Having a centralized and organized asset library, where you can quickly locate your high-resolution image assets and use them in your design process, is critical to moving quickly and staying on deadline. This is why we originally built imgix Asset Manager, the easiest way to turn your existing unorganized cloud bucket into a beautiful, robust, and searchable digital asset management solution in minutes. Simply configure imgix to connect to the bucket or buckets that your images live in and our Asset Manager will spring to life, indexing and organizing your image assets so that you can find them with ease.

Today, we are taking this powerful functionality one step further by announcing the imgix Asset Manager plugin for Figma. Figma is the most exciting design tool on the market and designers everywhere have flocked to it. By putting the capabilities of the imgix Asset Manager directly into your Figma workspace via our plugin, you gain the ability to quickly and easily search your shared asset libraries, upload new high-resolution assets directly from Figma, and export your rasterized comps back into Asset Manager with a single click. Integrating imgix Asset Manager into your Figma design process will save you time, help you stay organized, and eliminate the frustrations around managing your critical image assets across your projects.

How to Get Started

To get started, simply try out the plugin inside of your Figma environment using this link. We are excited to hear the ways you and your team use the imgix Asset Manager plugin for Figma.