New imgix Web Admin Live

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Team imgix
March 31, 2014
3 minute read
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Here at imgix, we are dedicated to building tools that matter for our customers. We are rolling out a new web admin tool making the process of managing imgix accounts more efficient and transparent.

An integrated dashboard presents a breakdown of usage and billing for the current month, along with data visualizations on renders and CDN bandwidth.

Source Editing and View Diff

An updated tool for image sources offers domain management, easy secure URL signing, undo and rollback options. Now you can configure your sources, see how your changes differ from what is live, and deploy or rollback what configuration is running in production. Additional features will be available in the coming weeks.

Note: In the future, source deployments will be automatic. For the moment, any changes you deploy will be queued up and deployed shortly thereafter by one of our engineers. Given the magnitude of recent changes, we are monitoring new source deployments individually to guarantee there are no problems. Additional questions can be directed to

Current customers can access the dashboard by logging in