Announcing New Pricing and Image Manager in General Availability

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Leigh Ann Ledford
July 13, 2021
3 minute read
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We built imgix to make transforming, optimizing, and delivering your images easier, no matter where they already live, while making your costs predictable and transparent. Today, we are excited to announce some big updates to imgix that carry this mission forward.

First, we will now offer a free forever plan so that anyone can get up and running free of charge. Second, in addition to the free plan, we will offer simpler and more predictable plans to all new customers, so that scaling up as you grow is straightforward. Lastly, we are making our powerful new Image Manager available in each of these plans, including the free plan.

A truly free forever plan

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Whether you’re working on a personal site, a side project, or you just want to test out imgix before buying, our new free forever plan should meet your needs. We have robust rendering and management APIs, a full suite of SDKs, and a rich library of best practices—all available immediately for you to leverage. Before having to make a financial commitment, you can experience the long-term benefits of using imgix, including responsive imaging, lighter page weight, faster page speed, better SEO, and higher conversion rates.

Simple, predictable pricing

New pricing plan details

Our new plans were designed to take the uncertainty out of the costs around your images. Each plan comes with monthly or annual billing options, with the annual option being discounted the equivalent of two months free. We have kept the unlimited transformations, which makes our service flexible and worry-free for our customers, and will now include bandwidth as well. Not only can you render as much as you want like before, now you can serve as much as you want to as well, all for one flat monthly price.

In the rare case that your usage is particularly extreme, we will reach out and let you know so that you can speak with our sales team to find the right plan for you.

Image Manager now available to all

Screenshot of Image Manager

With Image Manager, you can turn your existing image storage into a powerful image management solution in minutes. Whether you are a developer or a marketer, you can upload, organize, search, and collaborate on images easily. By combining the power of our Image Manager and our APIs, you can build powerful workflows for your business that maximize the value you are getting from your images. Enterprise customers can take their image management a step further with machine-learning based auto tagging, color palette extraction, and much more.

Next steps

New customers can sign up today to get the end-to-end image solution you need. If you have any questions, reach out to us at

For our existing customers, you can stay on your current pricing plan with no changes. If you prefer to switch to one of the new subscription plans and gain access to Image Manager, simply reach out to us at