Measure and Improve Your Image Performance

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April 5, 2016
3 minute read
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Performance is key to the success of any website or app. The engagement and conversion costs of slow-loading pages have spurred multiple industry efforts to measure and improve speed, from YSlow to AMP to Client Hints and many others.

As a company whose mission is to improve both the speed and quality of images on the web, imgix is always looking at ways to support and implement these efforts into our service (for example, by offering Client Hints support the day it went live in Chrome).

On a typical web page, images make up more than 65% of the total page weight. Front-end developers and designers agonize over minimizing JavaScript and CSS file sizes, but have historically not spent as much time worrying about images. We believe this isn't due to lack of effort or desire, but a lack of tooling—measuring both a baseline and improvement can be challenging.

Because imgix is keenly focused on image optimization, we've developed a free tool—Page Weight—to make page weight easier to measure and improve. Just enter the URL of your website, and Page Weight will create a detailed custom report that shows how images are affecting your performance on web and mobile, along with recommendations for improvement. Because it's the only such tool that diagnoses improperly-sized images, it can also be useful for testing responsive breakpoints in your design.

Page Weight Example

If you want to see how much of your page weight budget is spent on images and how your usage stacks up to the rest of the industry, try Page Weight today:

Performance is key to everything you want to accomplish with your web presence. As our founder, Chris Zacharias, noted in 2012, “by keeping your client side code small and lightweight, you can literally open your product up to new markets.”