Q1 Product Release: Experience the Future of Visual Media with Generative AI & More

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Michelle Su
March 5, 2024
3 minute read
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In an era where digital experiences are increasingly visual, imgix is at the forefront of revolutionizing media processing and delivery with a bold leap into generative AI. This latest launch is not just an introduction of new capabilities – it's a testament to our continuing commitment to innovation, quality, and seamless integration of cutting-edge technology into critical, everyday workflows.

By harnessing the power of AI, imgix is bridging the gap between imagination and reality. Our growing suite of AI-powered features is designed to help developers, creatives, marketers and businesses unlock creativity, boost efficiency, and redefine the limits of what's possible with digital imagery. As part of our vision for the future, this investment in new technology paves the way for groundbreaking solutions that redefine the boundaries of visual media optimization and transformation, and ultimately, user engagement.

Generative Fill: A New Era of Content Creation

Generative Fill marks a significant advancement in content creation and empowers users to effortlessly extend, fill, and recreate images, eliminating constraints that once limited creativity. Designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing creative, marketing and web development processes, this feature not only maximizes efficiency and reduces costs for your business, but also encourages rapid iteration and agility around market trends so that you can make sure your content is always fresh and competitive.

Leveraging context-aware AI, Generative Fill possesses an intuitive understanding of your image's content and style, enabling it to make intelligent aesthetic decisions that enhance your visuals. Whether you're a designer, marketer, or developer, this feature allows you to prototype ideas and transform your images in real-time, reducing the effort required to continually shoot and manage new content. With our solution, you can also have complete peace of mind knowing that every asset generated is fully licensed and ready for commercial use.

Transform on the fly with the following Generative Fill parameters:

Customize Aspect Ratios

Tailor your images to any aspect ratio and generate the pixels needed to transform your vision into the ideal format for diverse platform requirements.

image with various aspect ratios

Adjust Your Focal Point

Position your original images precisely where you want them on the canvas and paint the perfect scene around it.

image with adjustments to focal point

Generate with Prompts

Utilize AI that grasps the context of your images and allows you to guide its output with prompts.

image transformed with AI prompt

Achieve Consistent Results

Harness the power of seed values to achieve consistent results or explore variations without altering your original vision.

image showing different generative fill outputs with assigned seed values

Watch Generative Fill in action in this demo:

Super Resolution: Clarity and Detail Like Never Before

Our Super Resolution technology takes your images to the next level, intelligently upscaling them up to 4x without losing quality or requiring extensive design work. This feature ensures your content looks its best across various contexts and applications, providing unparalleled clarity and detail so that you can enhance user-generated images to reflect your brand’s standards or breathe new life into outdated imagery.

Check out this demo video to see how combining Super Resolution with our ‘auto’ parameters increases your image resolution while decreasing file size to improve page speeds.

Background Removal: Transform with Precision

Cut down the time you spend on the repetitive task of background removal to seconds. Our AI-powered Background Removal tool enables you to highlight the key feature of your images with precision and remove visual distractions. Whether you're unifying your visual branding across all campaigns or refreshing your content with dynamic new backdrops, this feature empowers you to adapt nimbly to your evolving brand identity and requirements.

Explore this demo video to discover the capabilities of Background Removal.

Auto-Tagging: Smarter Asset Management

Auto-Tagging alleviates your image management efforts by reducing the time and potential errors associated with manual tagging efforts. This feature intelligently tags your images without additional context, making every piece of content in your Asset Manager easily searchable.

Automation and In-Product Enhancements

The latest upgrades to our dashboard and automations focus on making your image management process more efficient and providing you with more functionality directly in the platform:

  • The ability to force a refresh or purge on any asset right within Asset Manager is now available to ensure your content is always current and reflects the latest changes from your source.
  • Our ‘auto’ parameter for file formats can now be set as a default parameter right within the dashboard. auto=format automatically converts your images to the most efficient next-gen formats such as AVIF or WebP, ensuring faster load times and an improved user experience. Setting auto=format as a default parameter guarantees that all your visuals are optimized for peak performance.
image showing tip to use auto=format,compress as best practice for image optimization

Best Practice: Use the gold standard in image optimization. Enable auto parameters for file format and compression within the imgix dashboard to provide the best browsing experience for your audience.

Security and Compatibility Upgrades

With our latest security and compatibility upgrades, your visual media assets are not only more secure but also more accessible:

  • Expanded options for origin request authentication add a crucial layer of security for Web Folder and Web Proxy sources.
  • Video files are now supported from Azure and Web Folder sources so that you can deliver high-quality video experiences to your audience no matter where your video assets live.
  • Web Folder sources are now compatible with Asset Manager so that visualizing, editing, and organizing all your assets on one platform is easier than ever.

This latest release marks a major milestone in our ongoing mission to redefine the limits of image processing and transformation. Our team is dedicated to improving and evolving our platform to provide you with the best tools for managing and optimizing your visual content.

Watch our release webinar to explore our new features:

If you're interested in seeing firsthand how these solutions can benefit your business, don't hesitate to reach out to our team or your Account Manager to schedule a personalized demo.