imgix Now Connects Effortlessly with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

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Frederick Fogerty
March 2, 2022
3 minute read
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The caliber of your website’s product imagery makes all the difference when it comes to converting visits into sales. For e-commerce, displaying the highest-quality, most-responsive images and videos — with fast page loads regardless of the device — is a must.

Now, for Salesforce Commerce Cloud customers, we’ve made it easy to load and optimize images in Page Designer directly from your existing cloud storage. With the Commerce Cloud integration, store managers and designers can search for, visualize, and select the best product images from one central source of truth for their online store while delivering the most optimized images.

How imgix Makes Life Easier For Commerce Cloud Users

The imgix integration improves your site visitors’ experiences while simplifying your work.

  • Best-in-class image optimization for better site performance and user engagement — The integration ensures that the images load quickly and look great across a variety of devices, browsers, and apps.
  • Multiple teams, one single media source — No more misalignments when creating, reviewing, and deploying media assets. imgix enables your organization to access assets from one central storage and to collaborate efficiently and confidently.
  • Shorten the steps from image creation to production — imgix can dynamically render and adapt one high-quality image into multiple versions to suit various device sizes, screen orientations, and pixel densities. It uses built-in, automatic srcset generation and lets designers apply a single URL parameter (auto=format,compress) for the best image compression and format conversion.
  • Accelerate web development — You can deploy imgix in minutes, freeing-up front-end developers to tackle other projects.
  • Forget migrating media to new locations — imgix can connect to all your existing cloud storage. You don’t have to move or copy your files.
  • Take advantage of our fast CDN — Serve next-gen formats like AVIF or WebP with a globally-distributed network.

Try the imgix Commerce Cloud Integration Free!

To get started, simply create a free imgix account, install the imgix integration in your Salesforce Commerce Cloud instance, and configure your store.

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