Q2 Product Release: Setting a New Standard for Content Creation, Management, and Delivery

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Michelle Su
May 14, 2024
3 minute read
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We are excited to unveil our latest release that elevates digital content creation and optimization with advanced tools for visual media transformation. Designed for creators, marketers, and developers alike, these new features aim to simplify content management, accelerate image editing, improve your user experience, and automate labor-intensive tasks. Discover how you can refine your visual media strategy with innovations such as AI-driven background replacement, automated captioning, customizable gradient fills, blurhashes, and superior GIF compression.

Transforming Visuals with AI-Powered Background Replacement

Background replacement is shifting the way users alter their images and driving more creative efficiency. By generating new backgrounds through simple prompts, it significantly reduces the time and resources you need to spend on keeping content dynamic and responsive to market trends. Whether you’re looking to adapt your visuals for different seasons, regions, promotions, or themes, this feature is a game changer when it comes to modifying the look-and-feel of any image in seconds.

GIF of woman running in various backgrounds changed using imgix background replacement tool

Imagine you are an e-commerce platform looking to personalize a marketing campaign to cater to the different demographics you serve across North America. With background replacement, you can drum up multiple variations of the same product photo without having to do extensive design work or manage several photoshoots. Let’s take a look at your new visuals in this demo video, all of which were generated in under a minute with the bg-replace parameter with no touch-ups needed:

See our documentation to learn more about background replacement.

Adding Depth and Vibrancy to Images with Gradient Fill

Say goodbye to dull backgrounds with our customizable gradient fills. Gradient fill is designed to make backgrounds more engaging without overshadowing the subject. Make your images pop with vibrant backgrounds, from subtle linear fades to dynamic radial effects:

GIF showing a sneaker on different gradient backgrounds

You can refine your gradients with a spectrum of colors, color spaces, directions, and sizes, ensuring every image not only stands out but also aligns perfectly with your vision. Check out our documentation to learn more.

Providing a Smoother Experience with Enhanced GIF Compression and Blurhashes

An area of continuous focus for us is improving the user experience delivered by your platforms. We are proud to introduce a powerful new GIF encoder as well as blurhash functionality. Our enhanced GIF compression transforms the way imgix handles these file types, encoding up to 3x faster and reducing GIF sizes up to 65% without compromising on visual quality. This upgraded algorithm not only makes your GIFs more efficient and lowers your bandwidth costs, but also helps you deliver a much smoother viewing experience with minimal timeout risk.

Additionally, our blurhash feature seamlessly transitions users from their initial interaction with your site to the high-quality content they expect by converting large, slow-loading images into a blurred preview that displays while the full image is loading. This strategy effectively decreases load time frustration, reducing site abandonment rates and boosting conversion opportunities. Together, these tools are engineered to upgrade your website’s efficiency and user engagement to guarantee that you always make a good first impression.

Image of imgix blurhash functionality

Streamlining Accessibility and Discoverability with Automatic Captioning

In effort to improve your site’s accessibility and discoverability, we have added advanced auto-captioning capabilities for images and videos. Our AI-driven alt text captioning beta effortlessly makes your content more inclusive and searchable without any manual effort. By automatically generating relevant descriptions for every image, we not only ensure accessibility for visually impaired users, but also boost your website's SEO. These rich descriptions help search engines better understand and index your visual content to increase organic traffic to your site.

Additionally, our new automated video captioning feature produces accurate, synchronized captions for all your videos. This is particularly valuable for users who prefer or need visual accompaniments to audio or are in sound-sensitive environments. Similar to alt text, video captions contribute to improved SEO and discoverability to help you expand your reach.

Watch our release webinar to explore our new features:

If you are interested in seeing firsthand how these solutions can benefit your business, don't hesitate to reach out to our team or your Account Manager to schedule a personalized demo.