Manage Your Sources With A New API

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Team imgix
September 24, 2020
3 minute read
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imgix has provided a simple, powerful image rendering API for almost 10 years, and now we are bringing that same utility to your Sources as well. Whether you want to add a new custom domain or update default parameters across all of your Sources, the new Source management API allows you to edit and deploy Sources programmatically.

Starting today, the new Source management API is available to all of our customers. The goal, as always, is to give developers flexible and powerful tools to enable them to build awesome things.

imgix customers who have customers of their own (such as agencies, platforms, CMSs, etc.) will be able to easily create new image Sources for each of their clients. The new API also allows imgix customers to change Source settings or rotate cloud access credentials across their entire account with just API requests.

Though we are still working on integrating our new API into our existing libraries, we couldn't wait to share and see what you'll do with them. In the coming months we will be sharing additional articles on best practices for integrating our API into your existing workflows, but for now you can read the documentation to learn more about the API specifics and how to get started.